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Ancient literati often combine smells, tastes, illustrations, etc. to create a colorful art activity. The fragrance helps to create an elegant environment, adding an artistic atmosphere, and letting people get the purification of the soul and the sublimation of emotions between the breath. When the fragrance products are used in professional aromatherapy spas, those aromatherapy products from natural flowers will use the floral elements to the extreme, with a stylish and healthy taste arrangement, unique aromatic charm to please your spirit and mind. Aromatherapy has an important effect on relaxing nerves, relieving anxiety, and pleasing the mind.

“It’s always like a beautiful woman.” After aromatherapy bathing, can you have a cup of fragrant tea? Yalong Bay Huayu Resort Hotel Spa Leisure Bar is dominated by Chinese-style hollow carved flowers. The environment is quiet and elegant, the wind blows the curtain, and the fragrance is lingering in the middle of the hall.

Featured spa

Aromatherapy massage for 60 minutes

  • This is a classic massage therapy. The therapist will work with your choice of essential oils to give you a full body massage at medium intensity, so that you can feel balanced and harmonious in the therapy.

Chinese massage for 60 minutes

  • Stable and powerful massage therapy will soothe your painful area and rejuvenate you. When you're done, you'll understand why this therapy has been so impressive for centuries.

Aromatherapy decompression back massage for 30 minutes

  • With the neck, shoulders and back as the boundary, this care focuses on these overworked areas, taking on daily stress and tension, designed to relieve muscle soreness. Deep tissue massage can help move joints and relax muscles, increase flexibility, improve body shape, and greatly reduce fatigue and pain. Suitable for busy people and people with tight time.

Body exfoliation for 30 minutes

  • The metabolism of skin cells is a natural process. When this process slows down, our age is growing. Our skin will lose its luster. No vitality. Very dry keratin care is the best care to accelerate the metabolism of the skin's natural cells. The system's blood circulation, which transports oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis of the skin, while helping the body to expel various toxins. If regular horny care is carried out, the orange peel phenomenon can be prevented extremely effectively, leaving the skin smooth, soft and shiny.