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Beautiful Sanya

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Sanya, located on north latitude 18 degrees, identical to Hawaii, at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island,: a tropical marine monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 25.4 ℃, and annual sunshine time average is 2.563 hours. Sanya is the second largest city in the country's largest special economic zone: Hainan province. Sanya is located in the south of Hainan and is a transportation and communication hub; foreign trade is an important part of the southeast coast of China's economy, situated on the southernmost tip of the Gold Coast at the southern gate of the motherland.

Sanya, has a long history. 28 years ago, on December 30, 1987, Sanya city was formally established. Sanya has a total population of 685,400 compromising mostly Han,Li, Miao, Hui and other nationalities which live in more than 20 places, each with a different national identity. Cultures differ in practices: singing, dancing, and art.

Sanya has a total land area of 1919.58 square kilometers, there are 40 small islands, and 10 principal islands. The city is surrounded on three sides by mountains, facing the South China Sea, and to the East and West there are two rivers: "mountain, sea, river, city" an ingenious combination, that blends into one harmonious whole, constituting a unique environment of Sanya.

Exceptional resort hotels in Sanya are located within close proximity to the South China Sea, in Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, and Haitang Bay. There has been Chinese encouraged development of high-grade entertainment facilities such as Spa’s, Yacht Clubs, Fishing facilities and luxury Golf Resorts meaning Sanya is now an immensely popular area for national and international tourists. The best travel destination in China for weddings, honeymooners, and family holidays.

Whatever your interests are, Sanya can provide you with a unique experience in all ways: the pleasant climate, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, tropical environment, history and culture.

Festival Information

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The Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar calendar May 5th): One of China's most popular festivals is a family celebration in which people return home to share good times with their friends and loved ones. People are encouraged at this time to eat traditional food, such as dumplings, attend the beautiful fireworks displays that light up the sky, and cheer on the colorful dragon boat races along the Sanya River.

The Nanshan Longevity Festival (September 9th): This festival is held every two years to celebrate Hainan’s oldest men and women. At the festival, large photos of the elderly are put on display, awards are given to the oldest living Hainanese, and those over 100 years old hike up the mountain! There are seminars on longevity and contests with games and prizes for all.

China Hainan Island Joy Festival (November): During the whole of November, the local government of Hainan holds a range of very enjoyable cultural activities, competitions, and contests. There is a focus on celebrating natural beauty and diversity.


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Dadonghai Bay
Dadonghai Bay, a quiet and beautiful neighborhood, is only 3 kilometers from Sanya City Center. Sailboats line the coast to take advantage of the terrific wind conditions and calm seas. Visitors can explore the fascinating underwater paradise by snorkeling or scuba diving, rent luxury yachts at reasonable prices, or just relax on the beach and bathe in the tropical sunshine.

Wuzhizhou Island
With vivid coral reefs and charming seaside scenery, Wuzhizhou Island is definitely worth visiting. Although it is only 30 kilometers from Sanya, we recommend spending an entire day on this island paradise. The island is regarded by many as the premier Chinese diving site due to its crystal clear waters and abundance of sea life. You may adventure into the heart of the tropical island or spend your time relaxing as you await a convenient organized return by ferry. Wuzhizhou Island is the perfect secluded location to temporarily escape from the sometimes noisy city of Sanya.

The End of the Earth
The End of the Earth is a famous scenic spot 24 kilometers west of Sanya. This is undoubtedly is the most famous tourist site in the area. Two pieces of stone stand on a picturesque beach with a reputation for attracting numerous scholars and important officials throughout history. Legend states that these rocks were formed as part of an ancient love story. It is a popular attraction for romantic couples and for couples on their honeymoons. It marks the southernmost point of China, and is translated from "Tian Ya Hai Jiao" or "an unobtainable place".

Yalong Bay
Yalong Bay is the highest rated beach bay in all of China. The area offers championship golf courses, conference centers, and luxury entertainment. The incomparable beauty of Yalong Bay's resorts echoes that of the surrounding landscape: the rolling hills, clear water, beautiful coral reefs, and white sandy beach are unforgettable.

Hainan Nuoda Rainforest
Hainan Nuoda Rainforest offers a glimpse of the rough rugged beauty of Hainan Island. The rainforest landscape is different from the sandy tropical seaside but vibrant in vegetation and animal life. The magical rainforest in downtown Sanya is very easy to tour, and is an absolute must do for first timers in Sanya.

Local Crafts

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Sanya rich and diverse culture and heritage enables the city to have a wide variety of native crafts. Craftsmen learned in the ancient arts can even personalize gifts according to your specifications. Sanya is world-renowned for its work in certain materials, including:

Sparkling crystal jewelry is one of the most popular specialties in Sanya. These first-class natural crystals are recognized as one of China’s best quality gifts and are perfect for loved ones.

Hainan is ideally located amongst the most suitable areas for thriving production of rare sea pearls. These precious beauties are unmatched throughout the world. Unlike artificial pearls, pearls found in the Hainan area have an incomparable gloss and lasting beauty. The craftsmen in Sanya have superb skills in changing these natural treasures into magnificent jewelry.

The Li people are famous for embroidery and fabric dyeing. There is a variety of 160 unique fabric patterns to choose from, and the craftsmanship techniques of such textiles is handed down through generations in order to uphold the quality of these items. It is beautiful clothing that displays visually represents the vivid history of Hainan.

Local Cuisine

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Hainan cuisine than most mainland Chinese cuisine is more light and refreshing, it is appetite. It is a blend of various cultures influence of Hainan, and take advantage of high-quality seafood and tropical fruits in the region. Many dishes are slightly sweet, and makes extensive use of local first-class coconut. Come here during their stay, be sure to try these delicious dishes.

Chicken: Just one bite, that the chicken bland people will change their minds. Chicken Wenmingquanguo, carefully kept strict standards to ensure the chicken is tender and juicy, rich flavor. Feeding chickens banyan Aberdeen, adult eating peanuts and coconut. Thus feeding chicken delicate quality, Hainan tourists will taste a dish.

Hainanese chicken rice: This Road dishes may seem simple, but very delicious, juicy selection of backyard chicken (preferably Chicken), covered in chicken broth and boil rice ginger and garlic, served with fragrant sauce. Although there are a variety of styles in most Singapore, Thailand and Southeast Asia Hainan chicken rice, but here is the birthplace of Hainanese chicken rice, naturally welcome.

And Le crab: This tasty local yellow crab processing generally only briefly, to highlight its sweet and elegant flavor. And the music is usually steamed crab, served with ginger and garlic when eating.

Jiaji Duck: The special feed grain to eat tofu and well-fed ducks made, rich flavor and fine.

East goats: This tea edible goat meat is tender, rich flavor, it is one not to be missed food. East goats and diverse food law, mutton soup, or sliced ​​lamb ages, with a variety of local spices and herbs, edible.

Three-color rice: Miao colored rice grains characteristic blend of rich flavor, healthy and delicious. This is one of many rice dishes in one, savory and sweet affordable, I loved all over the island.


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