Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Huayu Spa Centre

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Together We Enter a World of Relaxation And Serenity

Take some time to focus on yourself. Our Spa offers a haven of tranquility in which you can relax and treat yourself to any treatment you require. Flowery fragrances and a floral theme throughout, as well as a private tearoom and Japanese koi fish pond, create a beautiful and serene ambiance. We offer a variety of treatment rooms to choose from, whether you would prefer to be in a group or in a private room. Each room is uniquely decorated in classical Chinese style.

Each treatment begins with a therapist consultation to make sure your needs are all fulfilled. Your treatment will guide all your senses to join in a deep sense of relaxation and you will encounter a deep therapeutic state of calmness. Spa treatments care for your body, mind and soul to transport you to a peaceful and relaxed state.

Signature Spa

Romantic Get Away
- Foot Bath
- Aroma Massage
- Facial

Impeccable 90 minutes

  • Foot + Body Scrub + Aromatherapy Massage

You seek life balance, calm transaction, everything go all out. In this course, first scrub to clean the skin, then let aromatherapy heal mood. When finished, you lifted, that is able to face any challenge.

  • 香薰按摩
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90 minutes to completely charge

  • Foot Aromatherapy Massage + Body Wrap

Busy all day, so are you tired yet? Let yourself take charge, first to a body casing so that the skin fresh, next aromatherapy achieve further purification, it makes you full of energy at work more efficiently.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes

This is a classic massage therapy, therapists will fit your choice of essential oils to give you a full body massage medium intensity, allowing you to enter the state of balance and harmony in the therapy, feel gratified happy.

  • 香薰按摩

Chinese massage 60 minutes

Stable vigorous massage therapy to relieve your pain location, allowing you to rejuvenate. When finished, you will understand why this therapy is so for hundreds of years is impressive.

Aromatherapy Back Massage 30 minutes 

In the neck, shoulders and back for the community, this focus on the role of care to these overworked, bear the daily stresses and strains of the site, specifically designed to ease muscle soreness. Deep tissue massage can help relax the muscles and joint activities, increase flexibility, improve the shape, a great extent to relieve fatigue and pain. For busy people and time constraints crowd.

Body Scrub 30 minutes

Consignment is a natural process, when the process of slowing down, our age, our growth will lose its luster lifeless skin very dry scrub is the best care to accelerate the skin's natural cell metabolism by stimulating the lymphatic circulatory system to transport oxygen and nutrients to the skin epidermis, while helping the body rid of toxins. If you regularly carry out scrub can be extremely effective in preventing the orange peel phenomenon, make skin smooth, soft and glossy.

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