Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Poolside Si Chuan Hotpot BBQ Buffet

Savor the joy of an enormous buffet style BBQ beside the pool with grilled beef, lamb, imported meats and extensive selection of seafood and distinctive Chinese Si Chuan Hot Pot with healthy hotpot base soup and selected menu items to enrich your dining experience. As our live band serenades you with Latin American classics, discover the delicious appetizers.

Live Band from South America
Exclusive authentic flavors BBQ
Spicy Chinese Si Chuan Hotpot
A combination of Chinese and Western elements

Location: Next to the Huayu Swimming Pool

Business Hours: 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Reservation Hot-line: 86-898-88555888-8190

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